The Bikes

Exclusive, ridable bikes, with excellent visual appearance, the perfect blend of minimalist design and maximum strength, consist of harmonically matched high-quality workmanship of components.

Depending on components and color design, varies the appearance between "aggressive, sporty" or "noble, elegant", but no matter what it's always an eye catcher.

Don't get cozened by the looks, these bikes are indeed ridable and are built for the streets.  

Clever adjustment options allow us the adjsut the position of the seat, foot rests, and handlebar, for bikers of all sizes.

The Frame

The appeal of the frames appearance is through its massive top tube. It forms the distinctive "Backbone" of the bikes. All necessary tanks are integrated in the frame.

There aren't a lot of companies capable of bending a 140mm thick pipe without heating it up. We found one, and thought this pipe will fit perfectly as our frame. The cable pulls and wires are installed inside of the main pipe. The main pipe also functions as fueltank (from 8,5 l up to 12,5 l) and oiltank (from 1,5 l up to 2 l). There is also the option of implementing a pneumetic tank for an air ride system if needed.

The Swingarm

With adapters we built we're able to use almost every swingarm in combination with our frame. For our first prototype  used a Harley Davidson softail swingarm  (first picture). After that we decided  to desig and build our very own single-sided swingarm (second pitcure) which perfectly fits our frame. It makes use of a offset pinion that is located on the axis of the swingarm in order to keep the bike balanced

The Offset

In order to use a wide tire you often have to move the transmission sideways or use an offset at the transmission, but this often brings the bike out of balance.

To make sure the bike is balanced even though we use a very wide belt and a wide tire, we use a offset pinion which is located at the axis of the swingarm. The transmission stays at its place which means the bike is nearly perfectly balanced. The distance between the pinions is 30mm which is enough to use a 240/49R18 tire without the bike being too heavy on either side

The Fender

The fenders are made of steel, they are very slim and fit the shape of the frame perfectly and every fender is individually fitted for its bike. The typ and size of the fender depends on the size of the tire used. The fender is attached to the Swingarm, so it's keeping the same distance to the tire at all times. There is the option of integrating the taillights and blinkers into the back of the fender which makes the lights basically invisiable whien turned off

The Saddle

Another Highlight is the saddle made out of stainless steel. It looks like the saddle floats above the frame. The height of the seat can be adjusted so it perfectly suits the driver. The seat attachements are covered, giving the seat a nice and clean look. Some models have the taillights and blinkers integrated into the back of the seat. The seat cover is either availiable made of leather or noble wood with inlays. Even though the upholstery is not that thick it's still comfortable. We care alot about the design of the saddle and the interplay of saddle design and paint job, so we always try to match the saddle design with the overall design of the bike. 

The Fork

Our frame gives you alot of choices when it comes to choosing a fork. We built some adapters that allow us to fit many different forks onto our frame. We often use a Showa USD fork in combination with a clip-on handlebar. This overall suits the style of the bikes very well, making them look rather small and compact. We also do build a lot of custom covers, holdings and adaters in oder of making the fork look as clean as possible, e.g. making a triple clamp that has the tachometer built within.

The Weels

Yes we even build our very own wheels/rims. These wheels were specially designed for our bikes. The filigree design of these (3-part) wheels, in our view, really suits the elegant design of the bikes, while still remainig quite simple. The use of a 4" x 18" rim in combination wiht a 130/70R18 tire and a 8 1/2" x 18 combined with a 240/40R18 tire is German-TÜV approved and certified. There is no problem using our wheel in combination with Harley-Davison components or supersport parts.

The Footpeg

The positioning of the foot pegs is adjustable in a lot of ways. The foot pegs can me moved up and down and back and forth, to ensure a comftable ride for everyone. We preferably use our own Footpes system but there are nearly no limits of customization. If you want some specific foot pegs we can and will make them fit on the bike. For our prototype back in 2014 for example, we used the Thunderbike advanced V-Tech system. It would be really helpfull if you could send us details about your height and weight beforehand to make sure we can adjust all the parts for your needs.

Do you have any questions or do you want to learn more about us, our bikes and the way we build them? - just send us a message.