La Esperanza

A bike from Augustin Motorcycles (AFG) built in cooperation with Florian Engel from the Engelsschmiede in 2017



AFG, Steel, Monotube 140 mm

Fueltankinside of the frame, appx.12,5 l

Oiltankwithin the front-end spoiler, appx. 2,2 l



Fork: Thunderbike, Airride
Handlebar: CCE, Billet Alu
Frontwheel: AFG, 5-spoke split rim 4“ x 23“, polished, 130/70 R23   
Brake: Beringer, doublesided brake (mainly used for aircrafts)



Swingarm: AFG, double-sided 

Rearwheels: AFG, 5-spoke split rim, 8,5“ x 16“,polished, 150/70 R16 Airride system

Rearfender: Engelsschmiede, Bagger

Brake: Single Rotor Harley 292 mm, RST, 4-piston calipper



Engine: EVO Style, S&S, 113 cui,  „polished“, Carburator (Euro 3)

Primary / clutchNH+ Power, 2“ / open belt

Gearbox: Ultima, 6-speed

Chain outlining530

Exhaust: BSL, Rainbow, SS, polished



Single seat,

Black upholstery



Schrammwerk, Danny Schramm

orange, extensive airbrush paintung, La Catrina


Dimensions and weight:

Wheel base: 1950 mm

Dimensions: L= 2970 mm, W = 980 mm, H = 1210 mm

Weight: 305 / 450 kg