Green Hell

Green Hell



AFG, Monotube, 140 mm,

Fueltank 12,5 l inside of the main pipe of the frame

Oiltank: 2 l insinde of the pipes of the frame



Engine: Harley Davidson TC103A

Primary drive: BDL 2" open belt

Transmission: Ultima, 6 gear, hydr. clutch

Final drive: Chain 530, with offset sprocket located on the axis of the swingarm



Fork: Showa USD /43 / 53 mm

Frontwheel: 130/70R18 + 3-part AFG 5-spoke-rim 4" x 18

Brake: EBC VEE Rotor doublesided brakedisc 320 mm, stainless steel + Brembo 4-piston calipers



Swingarm: AFG single-sided swingarm, in-line adjustable

Chassis: progressive suspension

Rearwheel: 240/40R18 + 3-part AFG 5-spoke-rim 8,5" x 18

Brake: EBC VEE Rotor brakedisc 250 mm, stainless steel + Performance Machine 4-piston calipers




Aggressive green racing-look


Dimensions and weight:

Wheel base1700 mm

Dimensions: L= 2370 mm, W = 800 mm, H = 910 mm

Weights: 270 / 450 kg